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What Makes VaxCorp Indonesia The Best Adult Disease Prevention Services:
Certified Medical Personnel

Each client will be assigned to one very kind, competent, and certified Doctor. Your doctor will be assisting you in every step of the way. From initial online contact until Vaccination or other Procedures are done.

This personalized Doctor-Client relationship eliminates the chances of information mix ups, and ensures Client Safety & Satisfaction.

Integrated Healthcare Services

We make it extremely easy for our users to book an appointment, get vaccinations and laboratory works done at their own home or office, manage their medical records profile, and access to healthcare informations, planning and consults.

We keep working to ensure that our users experience the best healthcare platform and preventive services. Feedbacks are very much appreciated.

Onsite Healthcare Services

We understand how busy you are. Besides, who ever thought it was a good idea to get prevention at the Hospital, waiting in a line of SICK patients, just to meet the Doctor for 5 minutes?

Consult with your personally-assigned Doctor 24/7 for FREE. Have your Laboratory Sampling and Vaccinations done at your own home/office. Prevention is personal.



Which is why we follow a strict Safety Protocol to ensure the safest possible approach. Professional doctors will take care of you from history taking, allergy test, use of sterile equipments, and Emergency Handling.
Why go all this length?
Because WE CARE!

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Who we are

It's extremely important for us that you get to know who we are personally
"We want to show you the future of Indonesia's Healthcare"

It's called HEALTHCARE for a reason; To Care About Your Health. If you're waiting until you get sick first, then it is called DISEASE TREATMENT. So yes, people have been taking the wrong approach and understanding towards Healthcare for quite some time now. Today, very few Indonesian Adults are aware that they are at risk to several Infectious and Degenerative Diseases. These diseases may be due to their lifestyle, improper diet, and/or lack of awareness towards Preventive Measures.

More and more people are dying at a young age (< 50) from Infectious Diseases, Cancers caused by Viral Infections, and Lifestyle Diseases. Sadly, no substantial action towards this issue is taken yet. Even our current Health & Social Security System in Indonesia is only spending more and more money to the treatment of diseases, crowding Hospitals and Clinics with people presenting with minor complaints (headache, fatigue, etc), therefore keeping those who actually need urgent help waiting, and at times neglected.

What has been a really long-standing bad habit in our culture is that people tend to be ignorant towards their health. They lack initiative to find out and learn about how to keep them alive and healthy. They fear and are reluctant to visiting a doctor, preferring to keep their distance from a Doctor unless they are really, really, really sick (and past the point of "self-medicating" without improvement).

VaxCorp Indonesia is an initiative of two young doctors with Vision, Idealism, Empathy and Enthusiasm to make a change in our culture of Self-Medication and Waiting-Until-It-Is-Too-Late Habits. In VaxCorp Indonesia, we see the future of Indonesian people as an intelligent, vigilant, and supportive community. A community who will help each other grow, who will remind and assist each other in the paths of health and wellness.

With Immense Love,
VaxCorp Indonesia.

The Founders

"Let's not be strangers. We care about you."
Dr. A. Nadim, MD
Dr. A. Nadim, MD
Founder & CEO
Dr. Sumeet H.V., MD
Dr. Sumeet H.V., MD
Chief of Operations
Chief of Finance

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