Vaccines May Help You Go Through The Rainy Season

Tackling daily activities during the rainy season in tropical countries needs a special handling. In rainy season, the early morning hours have become increasingly cloudy with each passing day. It also does not help that along with the darker mornings, come colder days with heavy rain. While pulling the covers back up over your face sounds great, life surely would not allow that.

Nevertheless, what about the flu? What about other possibly more threatening rainy season illnesses? Yes, they really do exist and more than just an excuse to skip a day in your job and cuddle with your significant other.

P.S. There are vaccines to prevent them!


Influenza (The Flu)

For those living in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, Influenza has been a long-standing enemy from way back, every rainy season. Statistics prove that there are main patterns of Influenza seasonality. While influenza viruses are present year-round, it peaks every rainy season. Influenza is transmitted through contact with a person who coughs or sneezes, or with surfaces, materials and clothing contaminated with the discharges of an infected person. Protect yourself by getting yearly Influenza vaccine!

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Dengue Fever

During rainy season, numerous rainwater-filled containers become a perfect home for Aedes mosquitoes’ reproduction. Throwing in the fact that most heavy rains are commonly followed by intense heat from the sun, the temperature will also be just right. Along with the growing number of Aedes mosquitoes, so is your chance to suffer from Dengue Fever. Worry no more, for the latest dengue vaccine has finally arrived in Indonesia to protect you from this possibly life-threatening condition.

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Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious virus that may be transferred from one person to another through the ingestion of food contaminated with human waste and urine of those who are already sick of Hepatitis A. This is an acute form of Liver Infection that although is self-limiting, may force you to take a complete bed rest for at least 1 to 2 months time. How will you work and earn a living then?

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Typhoid Fever

As typhoid fever spread through contaminated water, it is especially important to protect your body from this virus during rainy season.  Unless you can be 100% sure that those street-vended foods and drinks are sanitary, your best bet is to take a typhoid vaccine. Especially, when we all know from our previous article that Jakarta has the highest Typhoid cases in Indonesia.

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Vaxcorp Indonesia© really cares about this familiar seasonal requests from our customers, which brings us to offer you vaccines as means of protection against the aforementioned diseases. Please contact Vaxcorp Indonesia© for further enquiries and assistance.

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