Counterfeit / Fake Vaccine Scandal is posing more than just the current health risk,

but future public distrust and fear of medical practice.”

The recent shocking hype that just hit our country is one to be thought about very clearly, it is easy to get swayed by the medias trying to lure us into fear and distrust, and possibly a hidden agenda behind all this. VaxCorp Indonesia has prepared a few insights regarding the situation, here are 5 Problems About Fake Vaccine scandal

1. The Impact of this Fake Vaccine Scandal will be Bigger Than Anticipated

Here we are, living in a country where the Health System itself is already receiving much distrust among our own people. Patients are being mistreated. Doctors are being demanded to do the impossible. People only care about how much money they make, regardless of who they hurt.

Vaccine is currently seen by the general public as a preventive measure that is done to protect children. Most adults do not even understand that they need to be vaccinated too. Therefore, a foul play done in the already accepted common practice, may lead to a much bigger refusal in the adult population.

fake vaccine scandal

2. These People Are Not Only Criminals, They Are Monsters!

Stealing is a crime. Deception is a crime. Killing is a crime. Putting numerous babies and children as a subject of monetary gain by distributing counterfeit vaccine, potentially putting them at risk of infection and death is just what monsters would do.

These kind of criminals deserve the highest form of punishment. Not only because of the crimes they did for the last 13 years (it was stated that this fake vaccine scandal syndicate began production and distribution on 2003), but because of the potential negative impact their actions may bring toward the public’s acceptance and awareness in our Health System.

3. Poor Incident Handling

The Government is issuing statements that they will revaccinate all the children – free of charge – who are suspected of being vaccinated by the fake vaccine batches. This is a really hard bread to bite. Firstly because there are no clear parameters of who had received the fake vaccine.

Secondly, because the parents of those children are already at the receiving end of this mess. Trust had been misplaced! It’d be like a Chef telling a customer at the restaurant “We’re very sorry Sir/Madam for the inconvenience, I was not aware¬†that my Kitchen had been serving fake food that are very unhygienic and potentially contains remains of cockroaches. Please come again, and I’ll cook you a fresh batch in the same Kitchen myself.” Uuuhh, no thanks.



4. Misleading Infographics

Then there’s this infographic that went viral, about ways people can identify original vs fake vaccine that is actually very informative, but overly misleading and has the potential to put more money in the wrong pockets of the wrong people.

See this author? The problem with highlighting PRICE difference is that:

  1. People are going to focus on this more than any other variable, as the “cost” of anything overshadows other variables that determines people’s acceptance to purchase.
  2. The authentic vaccines sold to patients in Hospitals, Clinic, and Private Practices out there are sold at a much higher price than they actually are. So, individual doctors who actually care about their patients, free-from-profiting, and are making their patients pay for how much they actually are will then be labeled as Fake Vaccine? Be real!
  3. Those dirt-bags who possess and are knowingly distributing Fake Vaccine, may as well increase their selling price, now that people are taught to pay more for a vaccine. Come on, nobody can spot the other physical differences without actually comparing both the physical evidence (vials) side by side.


5. It’s Okay, The World Is Full Of Monsters. But It’s Not Okay To Let Them Win, It’s Not Okay To Be One.

The thing is, dear fellow human beings, let’s not allow this incident to harm us more than it already does. Keep your calm, be smart, and let’s continue doing our best to ensure a better and healthier living. Vaccine is really effective in preventing many horrible infectious diseases, and right now it is the best bet we have to protect us against those diseases. Remember, Adults need to be vaccinated to!

VaxCorp Indonesia is still:

  1. The Cheapest (Yes, we are proud to say this!).
  2. Handling only Vaccination for Adolescents & Adults. Leave the mandatory children vaccinations to the Government policies, they’ve already taken care of that. At least, that’s the safest bet you’d get for your kids.
  3. Continuously raising awareness for Adolescents & Adults to vaccinate themselves in order to protect from various preventable infectious diseases.
  4. Providing LIVE SUPPORT chats in our website, so clients may talk to a Medically Certified Doctor that are always on to help any of your questions.
  5. We DO NOT and WILL NEVER use counterfeit (fake) vaccines for our clients. VaxCorp Indonesia provides only the best medical care, with the best medical services, by the best (original) products. We maintain a good relationship with Major Pharmaceutical Companies as our First-Hand Supplier that produces the vaccines we use.






dr. A. Nadim

CEO & Founder

VaxCorp Indonesia.