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Disease Fact Sheets: Measles a.k.a Campak

Measles (campak) is spread when an infected person talks, breathes, coughs or sneezes tiny particles containing infectious agents into the air. These are called small particle aerosols. Due to their tiny size, small particle aerosols can travel long distances on air currents and remain suspended in the air for minutes to hours. These small particle aerosols may be breathed in by another person. Measles (campak) is also spread by contact with hands, tissues and other articles soiled by nose and throat discharges. The virus is very infectious and droplets in the air may infect people entering a room up to 30 minutes after an infected person has left it.


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Disease Fact Sheets: Rubella a.k.a German Measles

Rubella is an infection caused by the rubella virus; it can cause severe harm to the unborn child. The number of german measles cases has fallen dramatically, thanks to vaccination programs, but the battle against this infection is not yet won.

Also known as German measles, it is an acute viral infection that usually affects children and young adults. It is a contagious condition that can be transmitted between humans via airborne droplets when infected individuals cough or sneeze.


Disease Fact Sheets: Influenza a.k.a The Flu

Influenza, commonly known as “The Flu”, is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs caused by the influenza A or B (or rarely C) viruses. It is highly infectious.

In Indonesia, there is no particular season for Influenza, thus may occur all year long. This fact sheet covers seasonal influenza – information on avian influenza in humans, swine influenza (H1N1 and H3N2) and pandemic influenza are provided in separate factsheets.


pilek common cold

Disease Fact Sheets: Common Cold a.k.a Pilek

The common cold (pilek) may be caused by any of over 200 known cold viruses, such as the rhinovirus. No, the virus does not have the shape of rhinos. Although most Indonesian people say that they have The Flu every time they have runny or stuffy nose, 9/10 times it is not.

Getting a cold has nothing to do with being cold or chilled and there is no scientific evidence that ‘feeding a cold’ (or ‘starving a fever’) makes the slightest difference to how long it lasts.


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How Infectious Diseases Can Spread

Are we alone in this universe? The answer is no. Unfortunately we’re not talking about aliens, but germs and how infectious diseases can easily spread. Predating human lives – or any animal lives for that matter – single-celled organisms, bacterias, viruses, and other micro-organisms exists. Thriving in the earth’s atmosphere, continually surviving and adapting through rapid transmissions, dormant forms, genetic mutation, etc, these germs will continue to exist even after humankind perishes. We will never be 100% germ-free, despite our best efforts and advances on personal hygiene, antiseptics, antibiotics, etc.

Micro-organism transmission thus leading to infectious diseases are inevitable, therefore the need to fortify our immune system through scientific technologies and medical novelties.


workplace wellness

Vaccines: A Critical Element Of Workplace Wellness

Vaccines, as a disease prevention method is essential to improve workplace wellness. Employers may loath funding vaccination programs without understanding the economic consequences. As a business owner or manager, you can offer free or low-cost vaccinations for your employees. This makes it easier for your employees to get critical vaccinations and reduces their chances of becoming ill. This in turn may just be thing that saves or grow your business.


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Gym Germs: Guide To Stay Fit & Clean

For those of us who lives, breathes, and talks about staying fit by pumping irons, doing intense cardio, and using body machines, health is our utmost priority. Although to some of us, the gym is considered to be our Health Temple, we may be getting more than what we bargain for. One study reveals that 63 percent of the surfaces we touch on exercise equipment are covered in rhinoviruses (the cause of the common cold). Therefore, this means that the chances of catching it are high.

It’s easy to see how coughs, sneezes, and sweat-drenched, unwashed hands might quickly spread the viruses that cause colds from one treadmill to the next. But a cold, or even the Flu, might be the least of the gym germs you need to worry about.


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Hepatitis Prevention Guide For LGBT | VaxCorp Indonesia

In the previous article, we’ve talked about how the emerging Open-minded Sexual Practices and Orientations including LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) culture contributes significantly in risks for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Particularly in concern is the Hepatitis Infection that are rising as a consequence to unsafe sexual practices. Here we will discuss about the Hepatitis Prevention that will aid in stopping transmission and preventing sickness and death.


Hepatitis Infection Guide for LGBT

Hepatitis Infection Guide For LGBT | VaxCorp Indonesia

With technological developments bringing the world closer together, it gets easier for more people to connect with each other by every passing day. This of course brings all the advantages in various sectors of life; faster communication, better business, easier commute, larger peer networks, etc. But ultimately it all comes down to inter-personal, human relationships. The recent hook-up culture went viral and with the increasing number of people who are comfortable with being more sexually open, risks for disease transmission increases proportionately.

In this article, we’re going to talk about Hepatitis Infection and the threats they pose to our generation. In particular, for people who practices LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans), and other open, non-monogamous heterosexual relationships. And although there are various types of the Hepatitis Infections, we’re going to focus on those we can easily prevent


jakarta flooding 2017

Jakarta Flooding, 2017 – Are You Prepared?

During the rainy season, many regions of the country were hit by rounds of typhoon and heavy rain fall. Consequently, ordeals such as the most recent Jakarta Flooding occurs (February, 2017). This results in not only housing and material damages but also health casualties and even death. Flooding is also a consequence that follows heavy rain falls, overflowing of rivers and un-drained water path. Floodwater can rapidly be contaminated with sewage water, human waste, animal waste, animal corpses, regional soil pathogens as well as dirty solid particles, and chemicals.