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For most companies of all industry, the direct and indirect impact of Employee Health Care spending is the second highest expense after payroll. This, on default puts your business in the health care business. In reality, however, most companies do not apply the same level of diligence to their health care spendings than they do to other large expenditures. Estimates of fraud, wasteful spending, and abuse in health care range from as low as 30% to over 50% but are little known among employers and/or managing directors.

So, how's your health care business doing?

Start Planning

Formulating an Employee Health Care plan that aligns with your business goals may be a daunting task for most. Let our experts assist you with a detailed plan, tailored to your specific HRM needs. We work together with HR managers, C-levels, and your in-house medical team (if avail.) to ensure a quantifiable, data-driven strategy in protecting your workforce, driving growth to your business, while avoiding wasteful expenses.

Optimize The Existing

Multiple scenarios exist where you’ll need a second eye for your Employee Health Care plan. From poorly designed and unbalanced strategy to low engagement rate, your care plans become much more of a liability than an investment. Our fiduciary obligation lies in helping you identify leakages caused by services that add little value but a huge cost to the company, and focus on crucial metrics to meet your Key Performance Indicators

À la Carte

For companies already having a solid, bulletproof care plan in place, therefore requiring only a specific set of Preventative Service(s) on-demand, we provide a wide range of world class health and wellness services ranging from health mentoring seminars, disease screenings, vaccination, vitamin cocktails, annual medical examinations, etc. Our team of professionals are committed to deliver quality and incomparable experiences.

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