I’ve had Dengue!

dengue fact 1Dengue Myths: I once had dengue when I was a kid, which means now I have lifetime immunity against Dengue infection.

Dengue Facts: Partially correct. This virus has 4 (yes, four) different types. When a person suffers from any one of these types, that person will gain lifetime immunity for that particular type only. So, chances are, you’re going to have to endure suffering from Dengue infection for 4 times to gain natural lifetime immunity against Dengue infection. Assuming that you will survive this possibly-lethal disease. Please, no!


I wear light colored clothes

Dengue Fact 2Dengue Myths: I know Aedes mosquitoes aid Dengue virus transmission. Since only dark colored clothing are considered attractive to the mosquitoes, let’s just not wear them anymore, right?

Dengue Facts: Wrong. Regardless of this being the most assumed myth among people; you can rest assured that the color of your clothing has no correlation to mosquito bites. If this were true, the Dengue Ward in hospitals will be filled with metalheads and goths. However, according to CDC the biggest lures for mosquitoes are heat and carbon dioxide. So as long as you’re still breathing in a tropical country, you are susceptible.


No Dengue Vaccine

dengue fact 3Dengue Myths: Up to this point, there is no specific drug or vaccine available to prevent Dengue infection.

Dengue Facts: Wrong. It has been a long wait, Sanofi Pasteur has registered the first dengue vaccine Dengvaxia® by December, 2015. Following its subsequent trials, tropical countries worldwide demand Dengvaxia® collective distribution. After its launching in Jakarta yesterday (October 16th, 2016), this dengue vaccine has finally been available in Indonesia to protect you against Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.

So, protect yourselves with this new Dengue vaccine in Indonesia, Dengvaxia®. Get vaccinated now, infected never!

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