If you live somewhere in Indonesia, you will know that Dengue infection has been a constant threat and the number of people who died because of Dengue is in fact increasing. However, Dengue does not exclusively belong to our country but also found in many other tropical countries worldwide including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and even Brazil. An estimate of 500,000 lives with severe Dengue infection requires hospitalization each year; a large proportion of whom are children. In the end, 2.5% of this figure eventually surrender to the disease. Wait. Aren’t there ways to cure it? Or better yet, prevent it, like a dengue vaccine?

Dengue Vaccine Indonesia

A Quick Review On The Valiant Dengue Vaccine

For decades, WHO has tried to accommodate various research attempts to fight against Dengue infection. Until finally, the first registration of the dengue vaccine – Dengvaxia® by Sanofi Pasteur – in Mexico in December, 2015. It has been registered for use in people 9-45 years of age, although most effective in the age group of 9-16 years. This vaccine would require you to take 3 shots within 6 months interval; which is at months -0, -6, and -12 . Even better, this dengue vaccine has finally arrived today (October 16th, 2016) in Indonesia, and ready to protect you against the threats of Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.

Dengvaxia Indonesia

So, protect yourselves with this new Dengue Vaccine in Indonesia, Dengvaxia®. Get vaccinated now, infected never!


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