Fake Vaccine Trust


As the hype of the current Fake Vaccine scandal is growing bigger and bigger in Indonesia, our team in VaxCorp Indonesia is getting concerned. We are afraid that people will lose sight of what is truly important, over the fear and distrust built towards Healthcare and Medical Practitioners. It’s not about revaccinations being given free of charge. Not about arresting the criminals. Certainly no longer even about suing the hospitals or doctors allegedly administering patients with the Fake Vaccine.

Justice isn’t served just by putting the criminals – responsible of production and distribution of the Fake Vaccine – behind bars for 15 years. 15 years is too short a punishment for a crime of such magnitude. What about possibility of bail? Even Death Penalty (death would be their quick salvation) wouldn’t be appropriate. Spending another Billions to reevaluate and revaccinate the victims does not serve as a form of accountability.

Concerns and Hopes During Fake Vaccine Scandal

We are concerned that this Fake Vaccine tragedy will cost the public a great deal in terms of; behavioral compliance, awareness (this actually may go both ways: positive and negative), and health. The public is very vulnerable towards media influence, especially when it concerns something as vital as Healthcare. Not to mention the very poor handling of the situation by the Government as was mentioned in our previous “5 Problems About Fake Vaccine Scandal” article and shaky criteria of revaccination recipient.

What we hope wouldn’t happen is a growing public distrust in Medical Practice. Such will lead them to reject compliance towards Evidence Based Health Recommendation. This will come to the cost of an even further decline in Health Awareness. People may start to get paranoid for the most unrelated conditions, acting on their own / peer / community beliefs without tangible scientific evidence. The worst impact being a trigger to their Psuedo-Science such as Anti-Vaccination (Anti-Vaxxers) behavior. This will definitely prevent us from making further substantial progress towards a Supportive, Health-Oriented, and Disease-Prevention Aware Community.

Our hope is that if there is some good that may come out of this tragedy, it’s that the public will now be more aware of the importance of Vaccination in Disease Prevention. Remember, not only babies and children need vaccination. Adults need them too! Either as Immune Boosters or primary protection.

“What is important is that people should be diligent in filtering the information they read and hear. I am appealing that the public be smart and not gullible to the current pressure. Get to know which Vaccine Service Provider you can trust. Verify to double check!”

That being said, here’s a brilliant comic strip by Maki Naro which is really awesome and concise to remind us the importance of Vaccination.

Understand the Importance of Vaccination!