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Well honey, VaxCorp Indonesia is not really a big deal. It is only the most sophisticated, modernized, and chic approach towards Public Healthcare since the beginning of time. Too much?

Okay, here's the thing, VaxCorp Indonesia is the first Integrated Adult Disease Prevention Service Provider in Indonesia. Preventing Infectious and Degenerative (lifestyle) Diseases from happening, and making sure you live a long, healthy life is kind of our thing.

The way our system works is just smooth, flawless, integral, and people-centered. The VaxCorp Indonesia team - a collaboration of doctors, and people of various disciplines - are passionately working night and days to ensure the best healthcare service for our beloved Indonesian people.

Until now, Indonesians are used to this long-standing habit of waiting for illnesses to happen, causing them and their family lots of pain, suffering, financial crisis, and even death of loved ones.

Well, we say NO MORE! Diseases CAN BE prevented, SHOULD BE prevented, and WILL BE prevented!

Besides, who wouldn't want to prolong their lives, being around in this world longer, wasting oxygen and overpopulating the Earth right? Wait, the last two bits came out a bit wrong. But, you get my point.
Diseases or sicknesses are better if they don't ever happen to us. Well sure, we're familiar with hospitals, clinics, and your beloved private doctor practice right? But these are just a part of the healthcare system called the Curative Approach (curing a disease).

Disease Prevention is another side of the healthcare system that focuses on preventing a sickness from ever occurring. We try to make sure that you don't ever need to experience Chronic Liver Diseases, Cervical Cancer, Baby Deaths caused by diseases their parents expose them too, possibly prevent Diabetes, Heart Diseases, and other Degenerative Diseases.
Well, what you're saying is nothing we've never heard of before. People in general, -not just Indonesians - have this habit of denying the health risks they are facing every day.

People prefer avoiding to think about diseases, rather than actually preparing for the worst possibilities. This kind of behavior leads their body to be exposed and vulnerable to all sorts of infections and degenerative diseases. Viruses and Bacterias love people like you. It's like thinking that your house won't ever be robbed that you don't even bother locking your doors, even though you DO KNOW that there are a lot bad people out there. Logic?

Some of these diseases are very deadly, and incurable, but easily preventable. As a doctor, it frustrates me having to look at a young, 20-something girl in the eye, telling her that she got Type-2 Diabetes, or a young, early 30s man, at the peak of his career, that he's got Chronic Hepatitis B. These things are ridiculous to even happen, they can easily be prevented, or at least delayed, and yet you leave it to chance to take over and ruin your lives.

It saddens me that more and more people are getting preventable diseases and dying from them at a very young age. We are losing more and more people who have the potential to do so much more with their lives. You people, have the potential to live longer, healthier, more productive, and contribute more to the society, and yet many of you are getting killed by a ridiculously preventable disease.People expect that when you're sick, your insurances, healthcare plans, and social security free healthcare (BPJS) will take care of you. Well, guess what, a lot of these diseases have really poor outcome, meaning that it may possibly even be the end of your carefree lives. All the pain, all the suffering, all the tears, all the money spent on medicine, hospital / doctor visits, expensive laboratory analysis, etc, and for what? The chance of you living back to your perfectly healthy, productive life are probably over anyway.
It is important to keep in mind that Diseases in general are divided into two categories; Infectious and Degenerative.

Not all of these diseases are preventable today. But for those that are scientifically proven to be preventable, we implement.

Preventable Infectious Diseases are prevented by getting immunized against the micro-organism that causes the disease. This is done by getting vaccinated. Most people think that vaccination is only for babies, well guess what, that's not at all true. Adults need to be vaccinated as well. Vaccination is proven to be the most effective and efficiently the easiest way to prevent infectious diseases. This is not a new method, and has been researched extensively over decades with stacks of scientific proofs.

Degenerative or as some may call it as Lifestyle Diseases are basically diseases that occur over time, as we get older. The issue here is that the world expect us to live even shorter today, due to the increase of deaths caused by Lifestyle Disease. The current human's life expectancy only until an average of 50 years old. Yes, people used to live until a 100 and more, and that was not weird at all.

Preventing these diseases is a lot harder and requires multiple approaches. VaxCorp Indonesia devices a strategy to fight these diseases by 1) improving consumption of nutritional supplementation, the idea is that with the perfect food for our body cells, the cells will live healthier, longer, and function better (read more about VaxVita: coming soon); 2) health talks and discussions that are dynamic and not boringly indoctrinating (read more about VaxShare; 3) trending a healthy way of life.

In addition, we provide a tool for the early screening and detection of diseases, and measure treatment progress with VaxLab, a laboratory analysis service that can be done wherever you are; home, university, office, etc.

VaxCorp Indonesia's Integrated System Diagram

integrated system diagram

click on image to enlarge

Here's the good news: "We Can't!"

Well, not in any direct way that is.

It's impossible for you to know if the vaccine is real or fake just by looking at the packaging. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise (tries to convince you how authentic their vaccines are by explaining the characteristics of the bottles/vials/pre-filled syringe, fonts, labels, or packaging), they are full of themselves. That's totally nonsense, not without directly comparing between both can you tell the differences. Even then again, someone could be smart enough to make a 100% copy of a packaging, can't they?

However, here are some steps that we've taken to ensure that we provide you with only the best of services:
  • VaxCorp Indonesia partners and deals directly with only the most reputable pharmaceutical companies that produces and supplies these vaccines that we provide you; both local and international companies.
  • VaxCorp Indonesia does not make deals and/or take supplies with unidentified and unverified medical salesperson. That is why items that are currently not available (due to null stock by the pharma companies) are marked as "Out of Stock". We won't just "abrakadabra" Saline Solutions or Water and put them in a used vaccine vials and give it to you, just so we'd have some stocks available. That'd be heartless.
  • VaxCorp Indonesia personally checks and inspects the condition of the vaccines upon delivery to our Headquarter; this includes the physical condition of the item, the temperature at which the item was brought for delivery, and the temperature at which we receive the item (This is called Cold-Chain System management).
  • VaxCorp Indonesia follows strictly the guidelines for Cold-Chain System management by CDC.
  • VaxCorp Indonesia follows a strict Safety Protocol prior to vaccination.
  • VaxCorp Indonesia maintains easy-to-reach two-way support system. You can always contact us any time, and we'd be ready to help.

In the end, it's your decision whether or not to trust us. Cheers. ūüėČ
There's an easy answer for this one. Try and guess?

That's right!

VaxCorp Indonesia is not one of those heartless healthcare capitalists that eats off of you and your right for proper healthcare.

We want you to be able to keep yourself healthy, and not become "can't-afford-to-eat-for-the-rest-of-the-month" completely broke while doing so. Staying healthy is your birthright!


A little fact that you need to know:

Non-VaxCorp Indonesia Price
(I'm going to be as diplomatic as possible here by not mentioning certain practices like for example hospitals, or clinics, or private practices that provides vaccinations. Wait, I kinda just did, didn't I? Hmmm):

  • vaccine base price (X)
  • vaccine profit price ($$$$$)
  • doctor consult (Y)
  • procedure fee (Z)
  • administration fee (A)
  • dispensables; syringe, alcohol swab, etc (B)
  • whatever other nonsense they insert here to make fun of your financial naivety. (HAHA)
  • car fuel cost + parking cost + waiting long hours to see the doc for 5 minutes. (BOOHOO)
    • Sum total of what you pay: X+$$$$$+Y+Z+A+B+HAHA+BOOHOO = DAMN
    • Value of what you get ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†: "meh"
VaxCorp Indonesia Price:

  • vaccine base price (X)
  • a little ka-ching to keep the company growing ($$$)
  • 24-hour online consult with your personally assigned doctor (free of charge)
  • concierge health services at your most preferred location; home/office/middle-of-the-jungle-where-you'll-hide-my-body (free of charge, joking on the last one -_____-")
  • interactive surveys and safety checklist that keeps you safe, but not bored (free of charge)
  • lifetime subscription to health tips and awesome offers via our VaxMail subscription (free of charge)
    • Sum total of what you pay : X+$$$
    • Value of what you get ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† : "DAMN!!! EXTRA MILE KIND OF SERVICE! BLESS YOU VAXCORP!"
 NOTE: nobody in the Health Business is as crazy as us in taking elaborate steps and making sure that people are actually benefitted.


Making your personal Account can be done in two ways; the direct way, and the checkout way

The Direct Way

  1. Click on 'My Account' tab on homepage main menu, or simply click here
  2. Input your 'email address' and 'password' on the REGISTER box
  3. Click the REGISTER button.
  4. Voila! You have made an account.
  5. You can edit your account information later through the Dashboard
register box

The Checkout Way

The Checkout way can be done while you are purchasing an item from our VaxCommerce Shop. When you finish your purchase, you will automatically have an account. These are the steps:
  1. Add an item from VaxCommerce to cart
  2. Proceed to Cart Page
  3. Procced to Checkout Page
  4. Fill in your data accordingly, including email address and password
  5. Complete Order and Payment
  6. Voila! You're done
cart page 
Your Dashboard is your Account "Home".
You can access your Cart, Order History, Lab Results if any, Change your Billing and Mailing Addresses, and other Account Details.

But most importantly, there in that little green box of glory is your Referral URL.

This referral url is special, because in it lies the great secret of how much we love you.

A Little Case Scenario:
  1. you're happy with your experience with VaxCorp Indonesia and decided that you want to share your love and help remind your friends, families, relatives, neighbors, and random stalkers on your social media app.
  2. include that Referral Url in your post.
  3. when your friend click on it, it will drive them to VaxCorp Indonesia homepage.
  4. your friend decided that it's important for them to start taking care of their health, and so they purchase a service from our VaxCommerce shop (may it be VaxImmunize or VaxLab)
  5. you will automatically receive a IDR 50,000 (fifty thousand rupiah) worth of coupon for every purchase (without minimum or maximum amount)
  6. this coupon can be accumulated and used together for your next purchase with VaxCorp Indonesia
  7. let's say 10 (ten) of your friends make a purchase each with us, you will receive 10 (ten) coupons of IDR 50,000. That's IDR 500,000 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND RUPIAH) you can save the next time you vaccinate with us, right there!
  8. Cool?

Hey! Have you ever heard about Doctor-Client Confidentiality?

We understand that all the datas and medical history that you keep with us is personal. Which is why we have designed our system with security in mind.

Our clients' information is layered with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Security Certificate, which means that once you're in Account Page, Checkout Page, etc - where security matters -, you won't be browsing in "http://" anymore, but "https://". This means that your browsing experience and the datas you input is invisible and privately encrypted between us. We've also installed other security protocols to avoid spamming and other hacking cracking activities.

All transactions are monitored closely everyday, yes, even past office-hours. We have sacrificed a guy to put his eyes always open 24/7 to ensure that you are safe with us.

In the unpredictable events that something awful does happen, please contact us immediately and we will assist you as best as possible. VaxCare Client Service is responsive 24 hours, 7 days a week. Even at the event of a zombie apocalypse, we will still be answering (if the servers do not go pitchblack, that is).

VaxCommerce & Payment Methods

We have taken our other clients' inputs that not everybody is comfortable paying by Direct Transfer anymore. Therefore, we have set up a variety of online and real-time payment options that may benefit our clients' checkout experience.

Full Payment can now be made using these methods:
Of course not!

VaxCorp Indonesia wants to make sure that we have your trust, and that you are comfortable with us every step of the way. We will never trick or deceive you into paying more than you have agreed to.

These are the payment charges per transaction for each method:
  • Card Payment : 3,2% + IDR¬†2.500
  • Direct Debit : IDR¬†5.000
  • BCA Klikpay : IDR 2.000 + BCA Fee,
  • E-Wallet : IDR¬†3.000
  • Mandiri e-Cash : 1% (minimum is IDR 3.000)
  • Virtual Bank Transfer : IDR¬†4.900
  • BCA Bank Transfer : IDR 0.000 (free of charge)
  • Indomaret : Please contact us

Fair enough?
Sure, we do understand that not everybody can afford to pay fully for their healthcare. It is after all, VaxCorp Indonesia's main concern to make everything comfortable and much, much, much more affordable for our clients. We wouldn't be the best at what we do, if we don't figure out other ways for you to still be protected from diseases without having to pay everything at full.

VaxCorp Indonesia provides you an Installment Payment Program for a minimum purchase of IDR. 500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah), that you can pay at a duration of;
  • 3-months,
  • 6-months, and
  • 12-months.
The Acquiring Bank that provides this;
  • Bank BNI
  • Bank Mandiri
  • Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Protect yourself from diseases today! Pay us some other time! We don't care about money! We only care about keeping you healthy!
Sadly, not at this moment.

We're currently working out and testing out an offline installment payment platform, but no decisions have been made just yet.

We'll see how it goes, alright?


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