Misleading Information About HPV Vaccination Safety Puts All Of Us At Risk!

With more and more inaccurate and misleading informations circulating on the internet, more women are withholding the vaccination for HPV. Irresponsible people, with no educational background on medicine are spreading rumors about the dangerous side effects of Gardasil® and Cervarix®. This has led to a lot of females not getting protection. Consequently, a lot of female lives and health are at risk.

Cervical Cancer and other HPV-related cancers are no joke. Every men and women, will be exposed to the virus once they are sexually active. Additionally, sexual activity does not only mean penetrative sexual intercourse, but kissing and oral sex as well. More and more teenage women are engaging in such behavior, yet very little young women and parents are taking actions.

Unfortunately, the people who fear vaccination do not seek for proper information upon HPV Vaccination Safety themselves. Scientific datas, legitimate medical websites and doctors’ advices are not enough to change beliefs and fears. Peer discouragement on HPV Vaccination Safety, he-said she-said word of mouth, and misleading posts on social medias are more effective in corrupting their minds. Parents practicing their turn-the-other-cheek attitude towards their children. Believing in blind faith that their children are, and will always be saints, are bringing more damage than good.

HPV Vaccines Are Safe!

And It Will Save Your Children’s Lives!

HPV Vaccination


hpv vaccine safety

Get Your HPV Protection Now!

HPV Vaccination

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