The Story Behind Vaxcorp

Every great journey begins with a small step.
Vaxcorp Indonesia: from garage to Global Health Stage.

written by: A. Nadim, MD

Reminiscing the early days...

The conception of Vaxcorp Indonesia began as early as in 2014 when I was still doing my clerkship (co-assistance) in the hospital Paediatric ward. As for how all great journeys begin, the realization of this too came unexpectedly through a bittersweet event. It was a Sunday morning at 5 AM after my Saturday night shift duty, when the Paediatric Ward attending physician visited for morning rounds.

Everything went well, until I was asked about the reasoning behind mandatory Hepatitis B vaccination in newborns. As my response was less than satisfactory, I was sentenced to an extra 5 (five) consecutive days of the night shift to summarise (handwritten) Plotkin’s 1,748 pages Vaccines 5th Edition textbook. It was since then, that my interest in immunology sparked and have until today read up on any immunology-related books and journals I can find.

This was an interesting realization for myself, especially on how our 6 (six) years of medical education lacks teaching future doctors on one of the most effective methods of preventing millions of sickness, disabilities, and even death.

Our journey thus far...

Vaxcorp Indonesia, was built out of pure vision and passion, with nearly zero starting capital. A vision that Indonesia will be the leading nation in the aspects of healthcare quality, centre-point for medical researches, and breakthroughs in bleeding-edge technological development. Starting from rock bottom, I knew I had to bleed myself for the company before gaining enough capacity to serve the market well. Though born in June 2017 under the legal name PT VISI INDONESIA PANCACITA, we started its maiden voyage on July 2018. Our passion to introduce new levels of care quality is what drives us to continually break barriers. As the name entails, our vision for the company is to contribute towards the betterment of the country using healthcare as its core strategy. Our spirit in serving embodies five key aspects; justice, heroism, prosperity, harmony, and security.

In our first year of operations, we’ve had the privilege of being invited as the only Indonesian medical startup to participate in the 5th Global Health Security Agenda where health ministers from 44 countries meet to discuss strategies through advancing global public-private partnerships. We were also selected as one of 10 Indonesian startups to showcase our work in the Indonesia-Korea Tech Startup Demo Day 2018, organized by Bekraf and the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board, South Korea desk.

In our second year, we’ve established our dedicated medical center in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. This will, in our hopes, serve as our operating grounds to increase community outreach in quality vaccination services among other modes of disease prevention strategies. Recently, Vaxcorp Indonesia was also selected as Top 100 qualifiers for Echelon Asia Summit 2019.

We’ve also been working with national and foreign-invested companies to manage their employee healthcare, partner with several schools to further develop their health and environmental safety strategies, and other public and private partnerships in several key sectors such as travel, food service, and other health providers.

“More work needs to be done to prepare humanity against the next global threat. As our impending battle will not be a war against the nuclear arms of another nation, but epidemic and pandemic pathogens that will spread from our closest ones.”

A. Nadim, MD.

Challenges that awaits us...

As stated to be one of the lackings in our medical education, our healthcare system has focused more of its efforts on the treatment of illnesses and until recent years, severely lacks at promoting prevention. This age-old culture had led the majority of the people to associate healthcare with only treatments and rehabilitations. But shouldn’t our main goal be about increasing qualities of life, and preventing illnesses altogether?

The staggering lack of awareness among the Indonesian population to practice something as simple as personal and environmental hygiene–which is the most important core of disease prevention–is currently still one of our country’s biggest challenges. Undeniably, pollution, climate change, and increasing international travel significantly contribute to the rising cases of airborne and foodborne infectious diseases. Nevertheless, even with the increasing awareness for the need to act, we still have a long way to go in terms of behavioral change to prevent the transmission of pathogens.

Vaccines, though currently recognized as one of the most effective strategies to protect us against increasing biological threats, low adoption rates are still a huge problem. More work needs to be done to prepare humanity against the next global threat. As our impending battle will not be a war against the nuclear arms of another nation, but epidemic and pandemic pathogens that will spread from our closest ones.

It needs to be understood that strategic partnerships plays a key role in determining the success of our efforts. The health of the public is not only the responsibility of the government (Ministry of Health) and medical providers (hospitals, doctors, nurses, etc), but also through conscious actions from the people and private businesses to take the fate of their health through the implementation of preventative strategies and compliance upon existing health regulations.

To tackle matters efficiently and effectively, Vaxcorp Indonesia welcomes potential collaborators, partners, research institutions, regulating bodies, and investors to discuss involvement to further develop strategies in our venture to privatize Global Health Security through the advancement of science, medicine, and technology.