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Vaxcorp Indonesia is a developing platform that aims to implement “Prevention of Illnesses” in the modern culture. Here at Vaxcorp Indonesia, we strongly believe that elevating the quality of life by stopping diseases before ever occurring is mandatory. In a society where medical attention is only called upon during times of illness, numerous losses in the aspect of financial, time, resources, and life is at stake.

Currently, many people are not aware that they can have access to preventive measures before the onset of illness. Preventive medicine allows medical practitioners, mainly doctors, to detect health problems and/or potential risks to diseases early on. Preventive medicine may include immunization, laboratory testing, physical exams, and studies and researches for innovations and breakthroughs in medicines and technologies that help detect signs of potential problems.

Vaxcorp Indonesia is founded and developed by dr. A. Nadim, with deep concerns towards the current mindset of the society that healthcare is a focus of curative-based approach towards diseases, whilst neglecting the potential benefits of prevention-based approach. Vaxcorp Indonesia plans to continue developing this nation to a modern culture of health prevention and creative innovations in the field of Medical Sciences to ensure achieving breakthroughs that will change the concept of healthcare itself.

With a multidisciplinary approach involving Indonesia’s brightest minds working in a symphony, we believe that by making the Preventive Healthcare Method a trend in the modern community, awareness of healthy practices will rise significantly and therefore lead us towards a brighter, healthier, and stronger lives.

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