From our previous article, we’ve talked about the basic outlines of the Immune System. How imagining it as a city where infrastructures such as the immune factory, the roads, and the underground tunnels, and the headquarters come to aid and facilitate the battle of our Super Heroes (White Blood Cells) against the The Microbe Meanies. These mainly include the Vile Viruses and the Brute Bacterias as our primary sources of menace.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how our Immune System aids in keeping us safe against their daily threats.

immune system

How The Super Heroes Saves The Daysuperhuman anatomy

As it has been made familiar to you from our previous post of the Imunne System Series, our body has a series of secret headquarters. These headquarters are located throughout your body, hidden inside tissues and organs. These organs being the Tonsils, the Thymus, the Spleen, and Bone Marrows.

These headquarters produce and vigorously trains the different kinds of Super Heroes. Within these areas, they also lurk silently, alert and watchful, for any potential threats, striking at the first sign of enemy attack.


The Super Heroes work around the clock in constant surveillance, circulating and patrolling throughout your body. They are always alert towards potential threats made by “foreign bodies”, such as viruses, bacterias, and even pollen.





spotting alert



When a Super Hero detects a “foreign body”, their response depends upon their particular superpower.






For example, the Phagocytes are the largest of the Super Heroes. Monocytes and Neutrophils are Phagocytes. Their super power is that they can eat the villains alive, or capture them for containment and identification. They also help by alerting the other heroes upon the imminent threat, and who to target.




The Lymphocytes are the swift strikers. There are several sub-teams of Lymphocytes; The B-cells, The T-cells (Toxic T and Helper T), and the Natural Killer cells.

B cells and T cells are the major components of the body’s adaptive immunity. The B cells are primarily responsible for producing antibodies against foreign particles. These antibodies remember and specifically bind to foreign particles more quickly to be presented to and destroyed by T cells.

T cells serve many functions but primarily are involved in destroying cells identified by antibodies. NK cells are not as specific as T cells but also function in destroying cells by releasing granules. All three cells work together too quickly and efficiently rid the body of harmful, invading particles but are also implicated in autoimmune disorders in which the immune cells attack cells of the human body.


The Power of Antibodies and Vaccines

Antibodies produced by the B cells act as a GPS tagging and tracking device. These antibodies are very specific to each antigen. These tagging device helps the T cells in destroying the antigen.

At times, these lymphocytes have to make the hard call of destroying the cells that are infected. Thus triggering inflammatory responses that gives you the feeling of fatigue, fever, etc.


immune memory vaccine

After defeating a particular disease, lymphocytes will keep a profile and remember the disease throughout your life. Should it appear again, they will automatically and easily eliminate it.

These profiling strategy and memory of the immune system led to the idea of injecting Vaccines to the body. Many vaccines contain weakened or inactive antigens. However, newer vaccines only introduce parts of the antigen, not an entire virus. In fact, it’s like how forensics gather hairs, finger prints, or skin samples. This is so that the CSI can track the suspects later on.


Vaccines are like dummies. They look like, talk like, walk and act like the villain, but has no actual function. They most certainly can’t cause infection, anyone who tells you differently is a major moron. In fact, their only function is being a practice puppet doll for analysis and strategy planning by the Super Heroes. Think of it like playing a game in “training mode”.

training mode



Once the Super Heroes figure out how to fight the vaccines with the best strategy, they will automate the programme into your body’s Immune System. The next time the bad guys enter your body, planning to do harm, the Super Heroes will be able to eliminate them before they even realize it.

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