whooping cough

Pertussis: How Parents Are Killing Their Own Baby

“Oh My God! Your baby is so cute! Let me hold her!”   Does this sound familiar to you? While […]

adult vaccination quiz

3-Minute Adult Vaccination Quiz (recommended)

3-Minute Adult Vaccination Quiz

adult vaccination recommendations

Adult Vaccination Recommendations (easy to read)

2016 Adult Vaccination Recommendations     Would you like to take a “3-Minute Quiz” to get your personalized Vaccine Recommendations […]

fake vaccine

Fake Vaccine: Know Who To Trust!

KEEP CALM & GET VACCINATED! As the hype of the current Fake Vaccine scandal is growing bigger and bigger in […]


5 Problems About Fake Vaccine Scandal

“Counterfeit / Fake Vaccine Scandal is posing more than just the current health risk, but future public distrust and fear […]

Hand in Hand Initiative | A Referral Program

  Guidelines to Hand-in-Hand Initiative | A Referral Program: To get your referral link, you must first create your account […]

human papillomavirus

6 Must-Knows: Human PapillomaVirus & Cancers

Human PapillomaVirus is Not Love! HPV is Not Life! It’s pretty surprising how so little Indonesian people that I have […]

Crash Course on Adult Vaccination

After reaching adolescent and adulthood, most of us probably thought that vaccinations are a thing of the past. The shots […]

Welcome To VaxCorp Indonesia; Leading Towards A Culture Of Preventive Medicine

Welcome to VaxCorp Indonesia VaxCorp Indonesia is a developing platform that aims to implement “Prevention of Illnesses” in the modern […]

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