Why Are Travel Vaccinations Important?

Annually, thousands upon thousands of people gather in the beautiful holy land of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, travel vaccinationsfor the joyous time of Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage. These people come together from all over the world; creating crowds everywhere the ceremonies take place. Accommodation sites, public transports are jammed-packed during the period. The crowded situation exposes every pilgrim to the risk of contracting infectious diseases like flu, yellow fever, and meningitis, amongst others.

This problem pushed Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health to release their latest travel vaccinations regulation for ANY visitors from ANY country arriving for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage. Travel vaccinations certificate against meningitis and yellow fever are a must.

Meningitis is the infection of the protective membrane of your brain. Over 1.2 million cases of meningitis occur worldwide each year, and 70% of that number died because of the condition. Also, they recommend travel vaccinations against influenza before arrival, especially for those at increased risk (pregnant women, children over 5 years, the elderly, those with heart disease, and diabetes).

But, I Heard There Are “Cheaper” Ways!

Let us be honest with you, now. However illogical the idea might sound, there are cheaper ways which include foul plays you can do to get the vaccination certificates – but not the travel vaccinations! But this is playing tricks with your own life. Like you, we fail to understand why anyone would waste money for nothing instead of getting the real protection your body needs?

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