• When we talk about infectious diseases, it's very hard to ignore the topic of climate change. As Indonesia rapidly shifts towards urbanization and industrialization, the declining quality of air contributes to the rising cases of respiratory infectious diseases; e.g. Influenza, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, etc.
  • Increasing migration of people via Air and Sea Travel increases migrations of diseases as well. Transmission of germs across geographical regions between humans, as well as humans and animals becomes easier.
  • Virus and Bacterias adapt over time, so should we. With the adamant increase in cases of viral mutation and Multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacterias, our human bodies become vulnerable as our immune system fail to detect new infections. Keeping our vaccination up-to-date helps prepare our immune system to fight off infections and stay healthy.
  • Vaccination helps increase productivity and reduces financial liability. As we understand that for an intelligent and highly productive person such as yourself, your time and health is very precious. Time lost due to illnesses and unexpected medical expenses can mean a major setback in your plans and goals.
  • They say 'Family is all that matters'. Staying up-to-date on your vaccinations, also means that you do not risk transmitting germs - that you may get from sick colleagues or public places - to family members, especially infants and elderlies.



"Unlike most drugs, whose benefit is restricted to the individual who takes the drug, prophylactic vaccines have the potential for far-reaching effects that encompass health service utilisation, general health and wellbeing, cognitive development and, ultimately, economic productivity." - Doherty M, et al. Vaccine impact: Benefits for human health, 2016.

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