Anti-HBs Quantitative Analysis


Rp160,000 Rp144,000 incl. ppn

Laboratory Analysis to measure your immunity status against Hepatitis B virus


What is anti-HBs Quantitative?

  • Anti-HBs is an Hepatitis B surface antibody, which is in general our body’s immunity against Hepatitis B virus.
  • Anti-HBS Quantitative is therefore an accurate analysis to measure in numbers (quantifying).
  • A positive anti-HBs is acquired as an immune response after an acute Hepatitis B infection, or consequently as an immune response after Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Basically it’s your body’s ability to fight off Hepatitis B virus infection

Reference Value

  • Unvaccinated : < 5.0 mlU/ml
  • Vaccinated: > or = 10.0 mIU/mL (Adequate Immunity)

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