Travel Vaccination: Hajj & Umrah Vaccine Package


Rp1,813,636 Rp1,632,273 incl. ppn

Price: IDR. 1,995,000 IDR. 1,795,500 * (save 10%) 

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Hajj & Umrah Vaccine Package

Make sure that your holy pilgrimage of Hajj & Umrah are free from the risk of getting serious diseases that may harm you. Get your Hajj & Umrah Vaccine Package at lower price today.

Package includes vaccination against:

  • Meningococcal Disease Vaccine (Menivax): 1x
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine (Stamaril): 1x
  • Influenza (Vaxigrip/Flubio/Fluarix): 1x

Both male and female of all adult ages are recommended to get these vaccines. Hajj & Umrah poses a major health risk where people from all around the world gather, carrying each their own diseases from their own land. Not to mention that both Meningitis and Yellow Fever is an endemic disease in the Mediterranean (Middle-Eastern) Region.


*Price for Complete Vaccination. Includes Vaccine, Consumables (needles, etc), House Visit by VaxCorp Indonesia Physician, Vaccine Certificate, Free Consultation.


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